Functional Food You Enjoy

Healthy snacks made us sad. They're all dry, dense, and dreary.

What if cravings didn’t cost you? 

G POP is a low calorie, gluten free, on-the-go package of functional macronutrients, PACKED with 13 grams of protein disguised as your favorite dessert.

Our goal when creating G POP was to create something that filled you with wonder and left you feeling full. We call it #Wonderfull.

See what’s popped up. 


Carefully Crafted

The best kernels come from the best farm. G POP kernels are sources from local farms here in America that practice sustainable farming methods. From sunshine to salting, our popcorn is made with care.

Air Popped Machine

The perfect pair of summer sunshine and white clouds. G POP kernels are light and fluffy, popped using our zero-calorie air popping method to create cloud-like kernels that eliminate unhealthy frying oils that are heavy on the hips and the environment.

Pure Isolate Protein

GPOP uses Whey Isolate protein that is cold-temperature multi-filtered to create a pure isolate coating that maintains the unique micronutrients of whey protein while also being easy on the stomach, low in fat, and lactose-free.

All of this results in a delicious snack you can’t help but crave more.